Sunday, April 15, 2007

Keeping our kids safe.

I found this document tonight while I was wandering around a Thai forum that I frequent.

It gives lots of useful ways to teach our children to be safe from people who would seek to do them harm. It's actually titled "Child Safety Kit - Teach Abduction Prevention without scaring your child (or yourself!).

It has a lot of useful tips in there to keep them safe in all sorts of situations - from being lost in a supermarket or other public area, what to do if they're lost, eluding potential 'predators', who to talk to and who not to talk to and how to identify 'safe' people.

I thought it was very relevant considering the alternative. Often it is something that we think just won't happen to us, or our kids, and that this sort of thing only happens to others. Consider the possibility that it *does* happen to you.

Wouldn't you rather educate your child to limit the possibility? I definitely will :)