Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Juno" - a movie about adoption

Friday, May 02, 2008

10 months today.

Oh my goodness. I just checked our ticker and we've been waiting for our referral from Thailand for 10 months today!

That time has just flown by :) It feels like just yesterday we were waiting for our file to leave Australia and now we've done all of the paperwork, notarizing and other important stuff, had our file confirmed as arrived at the Thai adoption services office in Bangkok, had our one year review (since our approval from the Tasmanian side of things) and Thailand have confirmed that they have everything they need and all they need to do now is match us with our baby/toddler.

Cool eh!

It's kind of neat that any day now (or maybe in another 10-14 months at longest!) our referral will come, we'll know who our child is and we can set off into the wild blue yonder to bring them home. Then the real fun starts!

I've been exercising all of my mothering instincts on our newest addition, Lottie, our Havanese puppy girl. She has been with us for three months and it seems like just yesterday I was collecting her from the airport, watching those little eyes peering back out at me from her carrier.

Lottie truly is spoilt now. A really mummy's girl too, I might add. Perhaps that has a bit to do with the fact that she is constantly cuddled, petted, walked, talked to and goes everywhere with me.

Speaking of which, she's not a great traveller in the car. You get about 30 minutes into a journey (which is quite common with us as we live about 50 minutes out of Hobart) and her tummy gets upset and, well, you get the picture. All over the car seat - yuck!

Today I bought her very first clothes. Honestly, I never thought I'd do that sort of thing but she's like a tiny child. She weighs 3.1kgs. Anyhow, she looks completely cute in her pink t-shirt (it reads: "I love Mummy") and her little denim jacket AND her warm jumper with hoodie. Not all at the same time of course.

I'll add some pics soon. She's pretty hard to get standing still ... has all of that puppy energy, you know. But anyhow, she's too cute to resist. I DID manage to stop myself from buying that pink velvet dress with frills at the bottom. Scott would have laughed me outta the house. *Blush*.

Maybe I'll get it next time and she can wear it in secret. Tee hee.