Thursday, October 25, 2007

Achmed. You've REALLY gotta watch this.

This video is called "Achmed. The Dead Terrorist".

It's the funniest video I've ever seen. You'll love it :) I nearly peed myself.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Women in the mens room?

I love looking through blogs that have funny stuff on them.

This blogger described where he found this picture:

"I've encountered this restroom today. Forgot the pressure entirely, had a big laugh and ran to my car to get my camera. It's in the office building of a software company in the Netherlands. I think it's hilarious."


This is a clever, funny way to make a point, dontcha think?

Kudos goes to this blog

Old friends

A whole month since I've posted. Guess there hasn't been anything much to update with regard to the adoption wait.

It is funny though that the closer we move towards our referral and having our babe home with us, the more I find myself wanting to make contact with old friends who I haven't seen for a long, long time.

Most of my girlfriends are mums too now. Some even have a a number of little mini-them's roaming around! Lucky girls :) The closer I get to becoming a mum myself, the more exciting it gets. I still can't wrap my head around it completely because, as much as I adore kids, it's quite a different thing to know what it's like to have one depending on you day and night.

This month has found me making contact with three girlfriends who have been very dear to me for the majority of my life after a long time of no contact at all. One contacted me via the internet (whatever did we do without internet?) and it was excellent finding out about how her life is going in the UK (and that she's coming to live in Australia soon - double yaay). That prompted me to contact two of my other friends with whom I've not had contact for years (you know who you are ...)

I've lived quite far away from my friends for over five years now and it makes it harder and harder to keep the contact going, with the obvious geographical distance, life, work, husbands, future plans, local friends and, for them, their children keeping a person busy day in, day out.

Nevertheless, it's reassuring to know that, despite the time lapse in speaking to each other, we connect again like no time has passed.

I suspect we'll all see differences in each other as, without a doubt, we're all growing older every day and aren't the same people we were five or ten years ago. In my mind's eye, I see them as they were when we were young, single (or unmarried anyhow), when we were all growing up and going to high-school together. Seeing who their little offspring are turning out to be and getting to know what's been going on in their lives over the last couple of years is quite ... a shock really. A good shock of course.

I guess I should stop thinking of them as 17/18 years old. None of us are that age anymore!

Looking forward to the words of motherly wisdom you may offer when my time comes, girls :)

I imagine I'll need them ... a LOT.