Monday, October 09, 2006


Recently Scotty and I have been discussing the possibility of adopting from Thailand. Intially we were thinking China and have been researching China extensively to learn as much as possible.

Now we think that it may make more sense for us to adopt from Thailand. Thailand is a primarily Buddhist country and it seems to us that if we were parents of a child born in Thailand we may be able to offer an exposure to the Buddhist beliefs that the child would have experienced had they been able to grow up in their native land. Obviously Australia doesn't have the spiritual 'saturation' in Buddhism that Thailand does as Thailand is 95% Theravada Buddhism and 5% other beliefs. Australia would be the opposite in statistics.

Nevertheless, we hope that our future child would be comfortable visiting their country of birth, from a spiritual point of view, if exposed to the same spiritual beliefs.

There is quite a lengthy wait for adoption from Thailand (ordinarily 2 years or more) however it can sometimes surprise you with a very short time between your file arriving in Thailand and referral. I've heard of 6 weeks, 6 months and similar depending on whether you are matched as the most suitable family for a particular child in the eyes of the Thai government.

I've got to say that I'm pretty excited about a Thai adoption from all that I have heard from others and from a lovely lady called *J* from the government department that handles adoptions in Tasmania ...

Wish us luck :)