Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hooray. We're on our way. Approved for Adoption.

Well, the first major step in our adoption has now been completed and we have the all-important Letter of Approval from the Tasmanian/Australian government that we need to be able to send our file to Thailand.

We have most of the documents together - except passports which will come within the next 2 weeks - and then the file will be "notarised" and then sent off to the Thai consulate in Melbourne for "verification". At least I think that's how it goes. As far as I know, this means that the documents are checked to make sure they are original copies and not fake ones (*gasp* as IF!)

From now we'll be getting our house in a child-proof state complete with toddler gates etc, work our butts off to save as much money as possible before we receive our referral, learn some Thai conversation, stock up on baby stuff (not clothes just yet unfortunately), get a bigger car that will fit baby, dog, us, camping stuff and other paraphernalia all at the same time. The current car just doesn't cut it.

I can't stop thinking about the surprise phone call we're going to get. Knowing my luck, we'll be out of state or camping somewhere where our phones don't work and we'll get home a week later and the message would have come from the DHHS half an hour after we left home for our camping trip. AAAArgh!