Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our 16 month Anniversary

Oh my goodness .. we've been waiting for our baby for 16 months now. What is amazing about this is that it has not felt like that long at all!

I think that as much as we want this child, the announcement of our referral will put us into a state of shock. For so long now, we've just been mosying along as a couple, doing what we do with the minimum of planning, on the spur of the moment and without a care in the world. Although I've never had a child to care for 24/7, I'm guessing that it won't quite be like that anymore.

We are also creeping up on our 2 year wedding anniversary on the 24th of November. Two blissful years - I really have no complaints. My husband Scotty is still the most dear man I'll ever have the pleasure of knowing, patient, kind and considerate in all things. Gush! Well, it's true, you know.

This baby will be the icing on our cake, to coin a phrase.

Earlier on this blog I mentioned that I quit my full time job at Qantas back in July of this year. Even though I know I was lucky to even have a job (what with the state of the world today) I'd always hankered over a business of my own. Something to create from scratch, an accomplishment such as I have never attempted before. Jobs are jobs and they get a little dull after a while so Scott said "just do it!" and I did. I started my own business and even though we're down to half as much in earnings as we were used to, we didn't fall into a hole of debt or disappear off the face of the earth!

We just made do in a more efficient way with Scott's wage. And we're ok and the business is growing slowly and steadily. There have been hurdles with creating a customer base from nothing but that is what is so exhilerating to me. When a new client finds me - through word of mouth mostly, such is the kind of business I have - I am so excited to work with them and help them create the best kind of holiday especially suited to their needs. It's very cool!

Never have I felt more released, more relieved and more creatively charged than I do now. It's weird how long I thought about relinquishing my job, how I agonized about whether it was the right thing to do, whether it was responsible. If my husband was any other man, I might have heard a lot of negative, a fair number of misgivings on the subject. In reality, I received nothing but support, no less than his 100% belief in my ability to grow my own business. All I can say is "what a MAN!"

We were excited to find out that some adoptive parents recently visited their son's orphanage on a return trip to Thailand only to be told that there were 4 children that had been matched recently to Australian parents. Word of the matchings hadn't quite made it to Australia yet (as it takes about 2-4 months for the paperwork on the Thai side to be done before it is advised) so when the couple arrived home in Australia they were able to share their exciting news.

Since then, a couple of months ago, we have heard of 2 new allocations to waiting Australian parents-to-be! Excitement and hurrays all round!! 2 more allocations, at least, to go and maybe, just maybe, we will be one of those lucky ones.

If not, then soon enough it will be our turn.