Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How many days is our adoption process so far?

For interest's sake, I thought I might add this ticker to my site. It will dutifully count down the days from the start of our adoption process until that wonderful day when we are allocated our child!

Right now we are sooooo early on in the process that we have only just (11 days ago) attended our first (mandatory) Information session. Next step is to get married LOL, which we will do in the next 3 months or so.

Shortly after, Letter of Intent will be submitted to our DHHS (government department here in Australia who handle all adoptions in our state) and after police checks and medicals we'll be off to another seminar and allocated a Social Worker for our Homestudy!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tomorrow Plan Project

The Tomorrow Plan is created and undertaken by the CCAA, China Centre of Adoption Affairs, the organisation who handle all adoptions of Chinese orphans.

Gotcha day video - Abigail - China

Baby Abigail's Gotcha Day and home with her Mummy and Daddy in the USA.

Gotcha day video - Gwen - China

Little Gwen from China and her new parents and brother. She is such a cutie-pie and has a cheeky little grin!

The infamous Chinese "Squeaky shoes".

Little Gwen (22 months in this movie) jumping and giggling with her friend Ben.

This is undoubtedly the sweetest girl ... best friends with her pussycat.

She's 2 years old now! (June 2006)

Gotcha day video - Matthew - China

This lovely family now includes Matthew, an older child adopted from China by an Asian family :)

Gotcha day video - Kaili and Kim (twins) - China

This is a beautiful movie of Kaili and Kim (twins from China) and Chris and Mia (their happy new parents from the USA) ...