Monday, March 16, 2009

20 and a half months waiting for our adoption to become real

Yep, we're still here. And we're also still waiting.

When you've been waiting so long for a child, like a lot of adoptive parents have these days, each person has their own way of coping. Some responses are anxious and worrying. Others choose to keep busy and not dwell on it. You can go all 'Zen' about it or wonder often about who your child is going to be.

Whatever your choice, it's all part and parcel of the international adoption merry-go-round!

Like the title says, we've been waiting for just over 20 months, meanwhile thinking all the while that we can't possibly have to wait much longer than 18 months. That was the cut-off in my mind anyhow.

So as not to get too wound up about a possible 3 year wait (that's the official word!), I've been flat out growing my travel consultancy business, creating websites from scratch (for myself and others), maintaining and upgrading my Frugal Living blog, preparing stuff for the baby (although that didn't take long) and generally playing sally-homemaker most of the time.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting a few more people in our local adoption community - one of whom has recently received their long awaited referral from Thailand.

After a long, loooong wait of 27 months, I might add. A little boy, 14 months old. Wish I could post details and a photo (but I can't - Thai adoption and Oz adoption laws prevent this until the child is formally adopted back here in Australia) cause this little fellow is the cutest little bug you've ever seen. His Mum, Dad and proud sister have a little while yet (probably a month or two) before they receive their "Notice to Travel" and can set off to Thailand to meet him and bring him home.

Last Saturday this family, another adoptive mum who already has her two boys and I sat around the table drinking celebratory champagne and exclaiming about the cuteness of the little guy. Generally gabbing about adoption, travel to Thailand, the orphanage (Pakkred, in Bangkok), play-dates when they come home (and when we have our bub too) and all sorts of other interesting stuff. It was so enjoyable to make contact again after such a long hiatus.

I had hoped that the next time I posted to this blog that it would be with our referral notice in hand, but next time maybe?

Bring on the adoptions!