Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Second last homestudy meeting completed + Animals in our house.

Today was our second to last (we're almost sure!) homestudy meeting with *J*. We've now completed one half of our country project also, a children's storybook, and are 99% finished with the other half of the project, a Life-book for our child on all that we have learnt about Thailand that we and our child can add things to as he/she grows.

I must admit, at the start of our homestudies in January I really expected that it would take much longer than we thought however now that I look back it is only mid February and therefore a month a half since we started! The last meeting will be on the 19th of March due to a few commitments on both sides in-between so all up it will have taken 2 and a half months - pretty great! There may be a need for another, should *J* decide she needs to know a few more things however she does not anticipate this, I think.

From right now we'll be using our time effectively to safeguard our house and yard a little more for little people, prepare our profile for local adoption, gather up all of the copies of various documents we'll need to submit our file to Thailand after formal approval (assuming, of course, that we are approved - please don't let it be the other one) and attempting to convince our border collie Josh about the value of sharing and the pointlessness of jealousy.

About the dog ... Josh is a very soft border collie, who, if he were a person, would be quite easily frightened and a pitiful sad sack if not given a certain amount of attention. On the other hand, he can be quite the little bugger if he doesn't get his own way about things and is fairly tenacious if he really wants something. Josh tends towards obstinance in doing things even though he is specifically told not to. Looking at the positives, you have never seen a more loving creature and if you come to visit, he's beside himself with excitement as, naturally, you've come especially to see him. He does that border-collie paw thing too and the head-on-the-lap thing. So cute.

We have quite a new addition to our little household in the form of a very skinny, very deprived, fluffy tabby cat. He decided to visit one afternoon and nearly got trod on, as I arrived home from work and got out of the car, in his desperate need for some serious rubbing and food, NOW! Poor little boy, he was so skinny his bones were clearly evident despite being really fluffy. He now comes to our house for a cuddle and a lot of food and milk every evening as he sees the car drive in. He knows a good thing, not to mention a couple of softies, when he sees it.

Josh isn't too sure about how a cat fits into our household. He's always been 'the one' and the only and now that he's five years old, we hope he's not too set in his ways. Despite the fact that the kitty was eating cat food, Josh really was quite confused when he was stopped from eating it too and took a little pretend-to-be-threatening lunge at the puddy (it's all for show).

Cat is not too worried, he's seen it all before and just keeps his distance. This is a little cat and Josh is a big hairy dog so the cat knows his stuff. I'm waiting for the day when Josh gets a little too pushy and the cat gives him a big swipe across the nose. That's going to really freak old Josh out and put him in his place. He's a lover, not a fighter.

It does make me wonder how long it's going to take him to realize that the child we bring home is not sleeping outside. And that he, Josh, will be. He probably won't talk to us for a month. Dogs are so much like people. He sulks better than anyone I've ever seen.

Anyhow, it's getting quite exciting for us now. We're probably nowhere near being referred a child but it does put us closer to that time just by having the homestudy nearly completed and docs off to Thailand in the next couple of months.

Slowly but steadily we're getting there.