Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Living in Thailand

My quest to "get to know Thailand" seems to be taking up a lot of hours recently. What with visiting blogs by expats living out their retirement, or even just their lives, Thai locals, adoption blogs, Thai forums and the like, everyday I learn just a little more about what real life in various parts of Thailand is like. Albeit, there are many, many different points of view.

This evening I stumbled across one such blog, written by an expat now living in the north of Thailand, in Isan. Formerly of the US of A, this fellow now lives contentedly as a university professor in Thailand and, from the posts in his blog, seems to be all the better for it.

In the last week I've also been looking at different types of accommodation in Thailand, the ins and outs of buying houses, renting condos, where to stay for shorter trips and so on and so forth, to garner a better idea of the reality of Scott and I living there in future.

It does seem, on the whole, that an Aussie earning Aussie dollars would quite easily and cheaply survive a lot longer on the same amount of money in Thailand than in Australia. Most Aussies are aware of the existing expats in Thailand, it's not so unusual anymore I guess.

Nevertheless, it is enticing, especially since it is most likely our child will have been born there, if we aren't allocated a local child before Thailand refers us a Thai child. Either way, we both have the stirrings of interest there and will more than likely 'go Thai' in a couple of years time for about 3-6 months or so, all things being equal.

We do have to consider Scott's 80 year old mum who we have plans to have come and live with us. There is absolutely no way on this earth that Colleen will ever get on a plane, let alone a plane for 9 hours or so! Therefore, we need to factor this in. All in all, what happens will happen and eventually we will live in Thailand for an extended period of time, whether it's now or in the future ... *shrug*, who knows?