Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Second Homestudy meeting

Yesterday was our second homestudy meeting, 17th January '07. It was three hours long but seemed to me to go very quickly indeed. This one involved more indepth discussions/descriptions to allow our caseworker *J* to 'fill out' the profiles of us a little further.

For the second time around, it was a seriously humid day which is quite strange for Tassie given that it's hot, burning hot, in the midst of summer but humidity just doesn't factor in normally. This year it has. Nevertheless, we sat in the humidity trying to attract the attention of the fan for a bit of respite. Today is much more agreeable, weather-wise.

I get the impression that we will most likely have another 4 or so meetings before we are at a finish however *J* was reluctant to put a date-stamp on the home-study completion. I guess we'll just roll with it and see how it goes.

Part of me wants to get it done already! so we can inch (as quick as possible) a little closer to becoming parents together. The other part of me (probably the Scott-influenced part) sees the value in the process and the wait.

Oh yeah, patience is a virtue. Harumph ;)