Sunday, January 07, 2007

Our first Homestudy meeting

Our first homestudy meeting with *J* on the 4th of January is now completed and we are headed onto our second meeting on the 17th January.

It was great to meet and we had such a lovely get-to-know-you chat, handed over all of our "All about us" documents that we needed to provide to DHHS so they could start to put together a 'picture' of us and our lives with a view to approval (well, we hope so), asked various questions and found out just how wrong we were on a couple of things!

We had long thought that adopting a child locally in Tasmania may be frought with problems. It seems that this is just not the case and according to *J*, they actually work quite well, especially when the birth mother has contact with the child and their adoptive parents - which is the scenario we would like very much.