Saturday, December 16, 2006

Delving deep into our psyche. Oops! No-one home.

Wow, there is so much paperwork on my desk right now that needs attending to for the caseworker. We received everything in the mail just the other day.

From our family history, our perspective on our upbringing, financial status, relationship status, proposed childrearing tactics, how we handle anger, decision-making, crisis, social and political issues, whether or not we are tidy, tolerance to other culture, ethnicity, beliefs (well ok, that one is obvious), our jobs, our attitude to our jobs ... the list goes on.

I'm a big supporter of this kind of delving, especially when it comes to anything involving kids. It makes a lot of sense.

We have already completed most of the answers to the in-depth questions over a period of 8-9 hours (not all at once) and will soon move onto the country project.

It turns out that we have to create a country project about Thailand to show our understanding of our future child's country of origin. This needs to be in the format of a children's picture storybook and should be a lot of fun to complete together! I'm really looking forward to this one personally and have started compiling the bits and pieces that we will use.

Next step: Create country project and await contact by now allocated Caseworker after Christmas.