Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh dear. I'm in love.

I've been looking around at the different 'waiting children's' photo sections of different websites. There is one in particular that I found last night .. it's called New Day Foster Home, Beijing, PR China.

Their site is very well put together with a great description of what they do to help the special needs children that come to them. It also has a lot of pictures of very happy, contented little residents who obviously receive a lot of love from their caregivers.

One particular little guy, Lucas, is a new arrival at the foster home. He has tetralogy of fallot, a heart condition that is able to be repaired (or so it says in a search or two on google). China don't allow pre-selection of a child for adoption but it seems that Lucas has captured our hearts ... {sigh} ... it was bound to happen.