Friday, September 22, 2006

How small can quickly become big.

Perhaps weddings have a mind of their own - you know? We started off on the thread that we'll just have a ceremony with the celebrant, Scott, myself and two witnesses. Simple, meaningful to us. Emphasis on the marriage rather than the wedding.

We invited our parents because, we don't deny, we love them a lot and wanted them to share our wedding with us.

Somewhere very soon after that manifested a wedding 'venue', platters of food for the reception, invitations, flowers, prayer flags, sunset ceremony, candles, flower girls and the accompanying dress, shoes, makeup, hair appointments ... ok :)

Scott and I are not very traditional. Ordinarily. Our wedding ceremony won't be in a church as we're Buddhists. The vows will be Buddhist vows and the decor and setup will be inclusive of prayer flags, an 'altar' complete with Buddha ...

Note to non-Buddhists: no, the Buddha is not something Buddhists "worship". It is a symbolic item that each time you view it prompts you remember to be mindful of the teachings that Buddha gave many years ago. Prostrations - aka bowing in front of said Buddha - are acts to remind us to have a 'servant' nature to all other living beings and to ensure mindful and compassionate treatment of living beings.

Anyhow, with that being said, we now have ourselves a somewhat bigger event than we first planned. Expanding our day to include a few close friends in Tasmania has now, in my mind, made the event more of a traditional one.

Surprisingly, I don't mind!

Woohoo ... looks like we're having a party