Thursday, September 28, 2006

Meanwhile we foster ...

Over the last couple of years as Scott and I have talked about how we're going to grow our family (they sound like plants, don't they!) we have discussed adoption, fostering and getting pregnant. Naturally, most of you know that we have chosen the adoption path as it's all over this blog. LOL.

The other angle we're taking is foster caring. Initially respite care (relief care for full-time foster carers) to see how we suit the needs of a foster child in our home. There is actually a longer wait to undergo the homestudy by the foster care social workers and be approved than there is for adoption! It's mainly because the foster care system in Tasmania is called upon to care for a LOT of children and while the social workers are out there retrieving and assisting children there are not enough of them left to do the homestudies required before one becomes a foster parent.

Talk about rock and a hard place.

Anyhow, we will persist and eventually we shall have foster children & our own adopted children to love. With any luck, and a lot of trial and error! we shall be able to assist them to grow into compassionate, independant people with a strong, practical and creative minds of their own and, in the case of the foster children, assist them back into the homes and care of their own parents.

Well, that's what we'll aim for. Anything else that occurs, we can work with.