Friday, September 29, 2006

The amazing Chinese women

Tonight I have been researching Chinese women. How they think. What they do in their day to day life. How they view family. Their careers. How they are viewed by their Chinese peers.

Truly these are amazing women. Their history and culture had them placed as home-makers, full-stop. Less than their husbands or other males in their life, even their sons. Certainly not in paid employment.

China and it's women have undergone a lightning speed transformation. When you consider how long it takes for the world to change, China and it's people, men and women, have allowed themselves to expand, contract and expand some more. The contracting may have come from the remains of a few rigid laws and governmental restrictions, or maybe just from their culture and historical background and habitual behaviours.

Whatever the reason or circumstance, with the growth of China's people (and I don't mean the numbers) and the partiality to learning, we shall certainly see more and more amazing examples of Chinese women leading the way with the compassion and generosity that seems so inherent in their people.

So often I find myself wishing more Eastern influence on our jaded Western viewpoints.