Tuesday, January 06, 2009

18 months waiting

So much for my hunch about a November referral. Wishful thinking I guess.

Yep, we're still "waiting parents". Waiting, waiting, waiting ...

First of all, Happy Belated Christmas and a jolly belated New Year to you all. Hope it was good to you and everyone you love. Ours was quiet, just the way we like it :)

Next year it will be a whole new ball game though. We are planning for a Xmas tree, decorations, wrapped pressies by the hundreds under the tree, big family celebration next year with my Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law and Sister when we have a baby/toddler to spoil! I love Xmas with kiddos, it's so much more fun when you feel their excitement on waking up to Xmas morning, the anticipation of spoiling them and joining in the ripping of paper off the pressies.

I pedantically updated our Adoption Caseworker the other day to make sure our phone numbers were all there in her file. You know, call this number first, if no answer call that number, if not answering call ... yes, she probably has everything square but could you imagine missing THE most important phone call of our lives to voicemail that forgets to let you know about a message??

Traditionally for Australians, the wait from Thailand is a maximum of 21 to 23 months so we really don't have long to wait at all and we've started planning stuff. Usually we're not big planners and tend to go with the flow and stay flexible where possible.

Lately however I've been rearranging the house, sifting through things that have been taking up space (our house is small!), ruthlessly throwing things out, storing more and mentally using that space for something for the baby, like a change table or a chest of drawers. The cot (that my parents are buying for the bub) is mentally placed beside my side of the bed for ease of middle of the night wakeup calls (wheeee! Looking forward to that. I really am! True story).

Our little dog is just over one year old and perfectly trained now. That was the main thing I wanted to get done this past year. Lottie is a very smart little Havanese who Scott and I both adore. She's so small that she's just like a baby. I'm sure she's going to get a BIG wakeup call when there's something else who's snuggled in our laps where she usually is. Anyhow, she's the perfect little dog now and will sit, stay and use the designated spot to go to the loo. I think when the shock wears off she'll be psyched to have a little person to run around with. She's very high energy and will play and play and play. There may be a toy-hogging issue though. Mad about her toys!

I still can't get the visual in my head about how it will actually be to have our babe to care for 24/7. There is where my shock will kick in ... at least for a short while anyhow.

Right, I'm waffling cause I have nothing else to say that's not completely boring ...

See you on the other side of our referral (hopefully!).