Friday, August 15, 2008

Another referral from Thailand. Yaay!

This morning I woke to 15 emails in my yahoo inbox. It could only mean one thing and, YES, another referral to a couple in our Yahoo AusThai group for expectant adoptive parents and adoptive parents who already have their children home. This little boy is 2.5 years old and his parents are understandably overwhelmed at their good fortune. I understand his nickname is Kan. Congratulations new parents :)
There were noises from Thailand that July would be a great month for Aussie referrals and, from their perspective, these are July referrals. They take a while to actually get to Australia as there are lots of things to be done before the referral is sent on.
So, very exciting stuff here in the land of adoption.
I can hear you asking : does this mean we will get our referral too? Well everyone, I truly, truly, truly hope so. We have been waiting now 13 months, 1 week and 4 days. It's not unheard of to have a referral at this stage however I have always had a feeling about November.
It's not anything solid though. It's just a feeling. If we had a November referral we would travel December/January which would be just fine. Actually, anytime would be just fine. If we were told we had a referral and had to travel tomorrow. That's just fine too :)
Anyhow, enough dreaming for a moment. A girl could make herself crazy.
There are clients to book travel for and new clients to bring onboard!
Take care.