Saturday, June 28, 2008

Real mothers

This evening I've been browsing through some different adoption blogs on and have come across a particularly relevant post for adoption, relating to adoptive and birth mothers who have surrendered their child.

The author writes about 'authentic' mothers. I find this an excellent term to describe 'real mothers'. In fact, I haven't heard a better description.

This post is relevant to children of adoption, of course, but further than that it also incorporates a description that anyone could apply to a biological mother. Giving birth to a child that you then bring up to adulthood by definition doesn't make one an authentic mother. A birth mother and a biological mother for sure but not always an 'authentic' mother.

By personal definition, Authentic mothering for the author (and also for me) has more of an expectation attached to the actions performed and subtle, but highly relevant, mental effect on the relationship between mother and child.

Read for yourself and see what you think ... here's the post