Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rare Birds. Super Gifts.

Designer Dish-washing gloves

Twig Sip-and-Stir. Long twig-like straws with a spoon at the end.

Onion Goggles. I ALWAYS cry when chopping onions. How cool.

Every now and then I just wander aimlessly around the internet, following a link here and a link there, then I go off on a tangent and find myself reading about something completely unrelated to what I first started looking for.

Do you do this too?

Today was no exception. And I ended up finding the coolest blog ... Rare Bird Finds. I love these kinds of blogs - they find out all of the neat new gadgets and gifts that are brought out and put them on their blog so that we can all read about them. The pics above are only a teeny tiny sample of things they have to offer. They're not all kitchen-y either.

I love 'em. Great spot for ideas when you need to buy a pressie for someone who is very hard to buy for.

Check them out. There are sooo many great things.