Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tiny Houses.

Every now and then I change my mind about whether or not I really want to 'buy' a house to own. Scott and I are currently renting a beautiful old church that has been renovated into a house. It's got such lovely atmosphere that we're reluctant to leave it so we rarely ever seriously contemplate buying somewhere else. It's just not that important to us and it would be hard to leave this house.

Recently however I have been looking. Window shopping. Just to see what houses are out there in the areas that we like most in Tasmania. Every now and then some interesting, character-filled houses jump out at me.

Today I was browsing the blogs on

This really cute idea came up on one of the "Out There" blog entries and if you're interested in different kinds of houses, as I am, you may find it fun to read about "Tiny Houses". You can also see the audio/visual slideshow by visiting here.