Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nappy-free baby.

Scott and I are big supporters of the need to research all of the different ways of doing things before we make a decision ourselves about what we consider to be the 'right way' for us. It is this habit that led me to an interesting site about how to have a Nappy-free baby.

I found it very interesting to read about this little known & rarely practiced way to be rid of nappies, right from the baby's very first day in the world and the thoughts behind why it is done.

The author of the website poses the thought that "right from birth (babies) have a natural awareness of when they eliminate - hence babies who pee as soon as their nappy comes off. They want to eliminate away from their bodies, and try to let us know to help them."

Using this technique alongside of baby sign language to teach the baby what sign to use when they need to go wees or poos, the author of the website had her little man using the potty independently at 16 months old. Pretty amazing considering many children won't potty train until they are between 24 & 36 months old.

I'm intrigued!