Sunday, February 25, 2007

Melaka of Malaysia

This evening Scott and I had the most wonderful experience dining locally in a fantastic restaurant not 15 minutes from where we live.

No ordinary restaurant, Melaka, located in Franklin, Tasmania, is more of an experience than your garden variety night of dining.

The owner Victor Choo is of Chinese Malaysian descent and is the Owner and Chef. The food is therefore Malaysian also (ok, did I need to say this or did you get it already?!). The decor, from the outside to the inside, features Buddhas, tealights, warm bronze tones and soft lighting and invites you into a friendly and peaceful environment where the staff are happy and engaged with their guests, the Chef is kind and approachable making particular effort with the small, personal detail and the food ..... well, the food is magnificent, full of spices and textures and wonderful fragrances!

If you're down visiting our part of the world, I can honestly say that you will not regret a dining experience with Victor and the Staff of Melaka.