Monday, February 05, 2007

Last day of Seminar.

The last day of our first seminar has been really great. You don't realize just how much you *don't* know about parenting until you go along to a seminar such as this one.

I especially enjoyed sitting with the other participants and discussing different responses to a set of questions we were asked as it showed that these guys are really active, involved and thoughtful parents. Naturally, there are differences in how people would handle things but ultimately we're all there for the same reason - our future kids.

Now, for us, it's on to our fourth caseworker meeting on the 13th of February and then hopefully just one more after that and then it's time to get our file off to Thailand and our local profile done.

The country project has been absolutely the most fun part of this experience thus far. We now have about 90% completed and will have the rest done in the next two weeks before our fourth homestudy meeting arrives. We actually ended up doing two projects but I think one is going to be kept more specifically just for our child to see - haven't quite made up our minds yet.

To all of our Adoption e-group ... it was great to meet you all. We have learnt so much from you already and hope to get to know you and your current and future children as time goes by.

Scotty & Kim