Thursday, December 07, 2006

Proof positive - we are not unsavoury.

Hooray! So far we are not unsavoury. We have been accepted onto the Inter-country Adoption Register and we can continue on through the process of adoption.

There are many baby steps before we get to the actual 'baby' (or child) and the ladies of the DHHS are pictures of kindness and patience as I ask a zillion questions by phone/email.

As much as the upcoming caseworker meetings (about 5 of them I think) are somewhat daunting in nature, I still find myself looking forward to them. After following along with other people's adoptions, their emotions, thoughts and reactions to various milestones, there is obviously a lot to learn between now and, what I will hereby refer to as, "THE DAY".

THE DAY will be the surprise phone call we will eventually receive (all things being equal) from one of the DHHS staff members to give us the fantastic news about a referral of a child.

As Thai adoptions don't come with an expected arrival date, this call will more than likely take us by complete surprise. The wait times can vary quite wildly from what I gather of previous adoptions and can stretch right out to about 2 and a half years. We have been warned in an earlier conversation to be ready for a referral at any time. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it ...

Next step: To be allocated a Caseworker to undertake the Homestudy. In short, this is for the DHHS to work out whether we are going to be suitable parents in many different ways. Emotionally, practically, financially, realistically!

Never has there ever been a job interview quite like this one.