Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ho HO HO! Merry Christmas Everyone.

Once again it's Christmas so let me wish you all the Merriest of times with your family and friends!

Scott and I don't formally celebrate Christmas, as a rule. In the 5 or so years that we've been together, it's only something we celebrate when Scott's daughter, Brit, is with us as Christmas is mostly for kids.

I imagine that the way we celebrate Christmas will change rapidly for us when we have our child home from Thailand. Will this be Christmas 2007?? We certainly hope so but think it will be more like Christmas 2008!

I remember the first Christmas in Tasmania as this was the first Christmas that I got to spend with Brit. We had such a GREAT TIME!! What a perfect excuse to act like a kid ourselves!!! And we DID :)

Brit got so many presents from us, from family, from friends, that at one stage we were sitting in Scott's Mum's loungeroom surrounded on all sides by Brit's presents alone! She was the only kid there for this particular Christmas so we spoilt her rotten. What FUN!

It's things like this that I look forward to as we inch closer and closer to becoming full time parents of our own child. Between our child together and the beautiful Brit we are going to do some SERIOUS!! spoiling. At the end of the day, any sane parent knows that Xmas isn't about presents. But the kids will tell you differently and just you try to have a Xmas with kids and without presents. Your life wouldn't be worth living!

On December 25, have a great time with those that you love. One lifetime is such a short span of time in terms of the many, many lifetimes that make up the universe as we know it.

Cherish. Laugh a Lot. Make Everyone Else Merry too.