Thursday, November 09, 2006

One wedding dress secured.

Truly amazing. I really should not not have underestimated the range or modern style of gowns available in good old Tassie. Admittedly, when we first got engaged and I started the hunt for a dress, I completely wrote off even looking for a dress here in our own little state thinking that there wouldn't be anything I would like.

Dumb. Really, quite silly of me.

As a matter of fact, the dress I have finally found, fallen in love with and bought (not to mention tried on about 3 different times) is far more beautiful and "me" than the first one I had. Phew. One crisis averted. No hessian sack in place of a wedding dress required. It is neither white, cream, ivory nor gold. It is very beeeeeee-utiful and unique.

Enuf said about the wedding dress. Far more interesting things to do between now and then. Will post photos for those who are interested. After the big day, of course.