Sunday, November 26, 2006

More wedding pics

Here are some of our wedding shots. There will be more to come however we haven't received these back as yet.

Tieing the knot with rings and katags

Kim, Tenzin (fantastic musician/singer), Scott

Very tall flower arrangements!

Wedding cakes .. chocolate mudcake and apple crumble. A bit blurry, but nevermind


Tenzin Choegyal ... Tibetan singer
and musician with a magical voice!

Kim's wedding hair

My handsome husband, morning after the wedding

Kim's hair (rear view - almost complete, just a few more curls to add ...)

Bronwyn (close friend) & Kim

Wedding cake flowers & wedding favour boxes

More of wedding cake flowers & favour boxes

Our Wedding favour scrolls .. they described the significance of the items in the favour boxes

Wedding cake flowers (miniture roses)

Standing floral arrangements

Kim's bridal bouquet

Our Wedding rings. They are inscribed with the Tibetan script reading "Om Mani Padme Hum", meaning "the Jewel is in the Lotus" ... (very) loosely explained it is a mantra to keep in your mind to promote the wish you have for other's happiness.