Monday, November 20, 2006

As my Dad says, 5 more sleeps to the BIG day!

I was talking to Dad on messenger tonight (he's in Brissy, we're in Hobart) and he mentioned how it was only a few more sleeps til our big day. Sweet really. That's how we used to think of things when we were little kids.

Awwww, I guess a parent always thinks of their children as kids, no matter how old they get. I'll be 32 in less than a month now ;)

The older I get and the closer I come to being a parent myself, the more I find myself understanding the little things that my parents must have been thinking when they got married and then had us.

Those who know me already know that I'm usually quite upbeat about things and happy, rarely lose my temper or get down in the dumps.

Lately though I've been feeling positively euphoric. Life just gets better and better the older I get.

Warning: Gushy bit coming up ... the longer Scotty and I are together (nearly 5 years now), the more I appreciate the peaceful, loving environment in which we find ourselves. Naturally, like most people, I've had long term relationships before. Some good, some ok, some less than ideal. Nothing dramatic or anything like that. Just some ex-partners have been more prone to dramatics, hysterics, moodiness or depression. Not my cup of tea and I don't tolerate well any self-pitying attitudes.

Scott just doesn't get involved in any of these really destructive habits. He doesn't pick fights or get upset over things. He doesn't get offended if someone says something he doesn't agree with. He never yells or gets angry, at me or anyone else. He is firm and decisive if he believes someone is being hurt, and that doesn't include just me, if anyone is being hurt he will jump in there and rectify the situation.

Really, he is quite an amazing guy. And he's marrying me! Lucky for me, he's very tolerant and patient ;)