Saturday, September 09, 2006

A small affair.

Well, that was the intention. Erm, yes. Oh, did I forget to say what I was talking about? Sorry.

We hereby announce that we are getting married!

Yes, I know, for those of us who know us personally this was rather unexpected. Well, little did you know that we had actually considered doing this at some point in time however were in no hurry! Now we are in a hurry because somewhere our baby waits.
It's still in the planning stage but will happen within the next 3 months (probably Nov '06) ... we're taking care of the details this weekend (date, time, where, who, what) but all in all, it will be a simple Buddhist ceremony here in Tasmania with our Mums, my Dad (Scott's Dad passed away several years ago), our brothers and sisters (if they can come) and a few close friends.

So we'll soon be Mr & Mrs Not a bad name, 'eh :)